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I have always had a keen interest in living a healthy lifestyle from I was a young adult and started living on my own. I had tried several diets not because I had any major illness but because I was trying to eat healthily.

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Get special recipes from Regna herself. Healthy recipes and tips perfect for the entire family.

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The family is very important and having a healthy family should equally be as important. 

Results from My Clients


See what my clients had to say about my services and their transformations.

Kingston, Jamaica
Absolutely Amazing!


"I was so sick from excess weight and yeast overgrowth. I was so lethargic, sleepless, irritated and depressed. I even had to have my tonsils removed due to the yeast overgrowth. It was bad. Today I can say that I am on my way to becoming the best and healthiest me yet! The hands-on care and understanding are not easy to come by, especially in today's medical system. The diet plan is so concise and detailed you feel like you can actually do it & they are formulated to take care of each issue, individually and simultaneously. Natural foods, sleep, water, and exercise are the way to go. I am doing it, it is not easy, it's a process, like anything worth doing, but if I can do it, then so can you! Be kind to yourself and take it one step at a time and you will be so shocked at who you will see in the mirror and who you will become on the inside. The world is brighter, my thoughts and emotions are so different since I started eating properly, I almost didn't recognize myself. When the pain of the same gets to be too much you'll do what it takes to get out of it. I am excited for the new me. Thanks, Regnabelle!"​

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